Marc Verriere


Founding President of the OLYMP'ARTS – copyright 1992 – Officially created on July 10 & 11th 1995, at UNESCO/Paris by 65 countries:

Founding President of the World Philharmonic Orchestra (WPO) : 82 member countries in 2007.

Inaugural concerts: Sweden (1985) Brazil (1986) Japan (1987) Canada (1988)…Paris/France in June 2006 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Music Day.

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Producer in 1988 in Montreal of a huge unprecedent technological challenge by realizing for the first time a synchronization via satellite between the WPO in Montreal and three choirs located respectively in Moscow, Geneva and San Francisco:

Musical Producer for the opening of the International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka, Japan in 1990 (“Tistou les pouces verts” by Maurice Druon)

Producer and Artistic Advisor to Radio France (National Radio Stations – France Musique, France Culture, France Inter) and to several private radio stations (1982/1983)

Producer of public and private concerts (1983/1984)

Producer of the Official Anthem of the “First European Handisport Games” 1983. Anthem composed by Françoise Legrand.

Founding President of a World Orchestral Musicians’ Directory (1992-2002) comprising of 35.693 members in January 2015.

2005-2011: Management of music scholarships that were offered to children at concerts of the World Philharmonic Orchestra, and monitoring of their studies (India, Romania, Thailand, Tunisia and Venezuela).

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Analysis and writing a biography of « Robert Paul », the inventor of the dictionary (1996-1997)

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Legal, literary and musical studies – Holder of the Paris National School of Engineering and Technology diploma.

Managing Director of a Management Company in Paris (1977-1981)

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Distinction: Medal of recognition of dedicated service to UNICEF (1985)